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Hi, my name is Bree.

My mission is to share what I've learned about health and wellness, to inspire women to achieve radiant health, and help parents give their children ultimate wellness without becoming overwhelmed.

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I am very passionate about getting children to enjoy fresh foods and I know that can be hard for many parents. However when I first started my healing my childrens health I came up with this amazing green smoothie recipe that they loved. As they […]
Do you feel like you are suppose to impress everyone? Do you feel like everyone has an opinion and you avoid doing what you love, just to make sure their opinion of you is a good one? Do you avoid conversations about your passion just […]
I spent most of my life with symptoms of poor health. I had constant stomach aches in primary school, which continued into high school until they decided it was my appendix and took them out. I also suffered with psoriasis, migraines and allergies. Looking back […]

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