Hi, my name is Bree.
I help parents give their children ultimate wellness without becoming overwhelmed.

My youngest son Levi was three years old when I had a massive wake up call. I had spent two and a half years going to doctors and specialists getting scans, tests, and assessments done for him.

Every single day, he was unable to go to the toilet without me from the time he was toilet trained.

The problem was that from the time he had started solids, he was unable to pass a bowel movement without it splitting his bottom.

This was so painful for him that I would have to sit in the toilet with him for forty-five minutes or more just to comfort him.

As things continued down this path we struggled with other areas of Levi's health too.

He had stomach cramps, felt frequently tired, was grumpy, and craved white foods a lot. He would have massive tantrums if I refused him foods such as bread, milk, or biscuits.

Then the night temperatures started. It was almost like he was coming down with something. He would get lethargic, sooky and he would have a temp between 38.5-39.9 degrees.

At first, I called out a doctor and he advised me to give him Children’s Panadol and follow it up with Children’s Nurofen two hours later. So I did that and he would sleep through only waking for milk. He would seem fine in the morning but then again by the evening he would go back downhill.

I felt like all the doctors we saw thought I was crazy. 

I remember one specific time when we went to the doctor I also felt like I had given him far too many medications for his age – he was only three years old at the time. 

I was sad, frustrated, and even lonely – feeling like there was no one else to turn to and that I was failing my son as a mother.

Fast forward a few months, and a friend of mine invited me along to a health seminar.

Honestly, that seminar changed Levi’s life, and my life, forever.

I started to connect the dots of what was really going with his underlying health issues.

I went home that day and changed everything in our home.

Within two weeks we saw massive changes.

For the first time ever, Levi went to the toilet without me. The smile on his face when he walked out of that bathroom and told me he didn’t need me anymore was priceless.

It was so powerful to know that I had made the changes that had led to this turnaround in his health. It gave me my power and confidence back as a mum, to know, finally, that I could look after my child better than anyone else.

Over the subsequent months, the long term gradual changes we made continued to improve our family’s health.

From making the same changes my migraines, psoriasis, and brain fog went away. 

My other son Diesel, had always struggled with skin issues and allergies which also disappeared. However, the biggest lightbulb moment for me was the day their paediatrician took both of them off their asthma medication, less than 18 months after we made these changes.

We had achieved so much, and come so far as a family, but the biggest change for me was the transformation I felt inside.

I was finally empowered to be the mother that I was called to be and finally knew that what I wanted to do was to help empower other mothers to improve their children’s health also. 

That’s how my business, Glow Health and Lifestyle, was born.