Are Your Products Safe?

Are Your Products Safe?

We use products every day, on our bodies, in our kitchen, in our laundry, cleaning our homes and on our children. But do you ever wonder if they are safe? It goes without saying that the ones labeled poison are not safe…. So my suggestion is to get rid of them asap!!! Things like bleach and disinfectants are toxic and especially if you have children with asthma or other health issues. They were the first things that went when i started to consider the safety of my children.

But what about other products are they ok? The short answer is NO!!! I know surely they would not sell them if they are dangerous, but unfortunately the industry is not regulated well enough. Most companies do not label all ingredients, they also do not have to label chemical reactions between ingredients that may create another toxic ingredients. Almost 90% of ingredients have not had long term safety tests done on them before being used in a wide range of products. Most products are not tested for safety and efficacy to actually do what they claim.

They scary thing is that our bodies absorb more than 60% of whatever you apply to it within 26 seconds of applying it. Once it is in the blood stream it can end up anywhere in the body. Lots of the ingredients in skincare and cosmetics alone can cause disruption to your endocrine system, cause cell damage, block lymph nodes, disrupt nervous system and even cause infertility and cancer.

So what can you do to change these toxic thing lurking in your home?

Like I said in the beginning get rid of the bleaches and harsh disinfectants. Secondly go around your home and every single air freshener product you have grab it and bin it… They are so toxic that they can cause seizures, migraines, nausea and even anxiety issues. Swap over to safer products as you run out of the others. Buy essential oils and a diffuser to freshen up your home. Use coconut oil as your makeup remover and moisturizer. Invest in quality live clean products that are safe for the whole family.

By making these small long term changes you are making a huge investment in your health and the environment in which your family grow up in.

I love the products I use and I have spent many years trying loads of different ones. Working in a health food shop I have seen them all and heard the pitch from the reps. But there was always one i went back to and I still use them today. The changes in our health has been amazing, I use to suffer with lots of migraines until I started using essential oils and a safe non-toxic washing powder. Now I can smell the toxic chemicals in peoples clothes when they stand near me. My boys are both asthmatic and I never realized the issues I was causing them by using bleach on everything.

Its not just limited to cleaning products either. Women on average apply over 120 toxic chemicals every morning before they leave the bathroom!!! Most of them are in their makeup and skincare routine. So when I started using a safe nontoxic range of beautiful Australian made make up, I could not stop raving about it. And I still do because it is the best makeup I have ever used, very natural pigments, with colour’s to suit almost all skin types and it is so soft and light you don’t feel like your wearing it. But I don’t get any sore eyes from mascara anymore, or itchy jawline from powder foundations that just didn’t agree with my skin. I have no problems any more. My skin is soft to touch and I can go without makeup because my skincare products are amazing.

We went to the school dentist last week for a check up and she was totally amazed at the health and improvement of their mouth health. Two years ago I was buying a health food store brand and my youngest needed a tooth pulled out and silver caps put on 4 of his baby teeth. We did not eat high sugary foods and they have never had soft drink in their lives, so i knew it came back to what I was using on their teeth. So I started buying the toothpaste and mouthwash along with my washing powder, fabric softener, shampoo, deodorant, dish washing powder and the results are amazing. The dentist was so impressed with their teeth that she said what ever I am doing to keep doing it.

So your products make a major difference to your overall health. Put your Glow on Show and Invest in your Health

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In Good Health

Bree xxx