My Story

My Story

Hi my name is Bree, I have two beautiful boys and a wonderful husband. Our conscious health journey started around 6 yrs ago when our youngest boy was struggling with lots of different health issues. I had been doing the only thing i knew since he was 3 months old, going to my family GP every couple of weeks with something not right with my baby. Every time I would leave feeling like a crazy over the top mum, like i was imagining his issues. So i spent 2 1/2 years going from doc to doc, specialist to specialist with no clear answers. There was tests for this and tests for that, take this, take that, try this and try that. Every time i tried something it seamed to make him worse. He had terrible tummy aches towards the end of the day, his temperature would also go up at night for no clear reason. He would have mood swings and tantrums that were off the chart, he would wake up all through the night. and his bowel movements were every day but they were so solid that they would split his bottom every time. He would go every day and i would have to sit in there with him while he cried on my shoulder. Sometimes we could be there for 30-40 mins. He had been on over 8 courses of antibiotics in his first 3 years of life and was also diagnosed as asthmatic at 12 months so was also on a preventor and ventolin. It was heartbreaking and it was getting exhausting, I was starting to doubt myself as his mum. Why could i not fix this for him?

Then one day on the way to the doctor, i decided i had had enough of sitting in waiting rooms only to be made to feel helpless. I turned my car around and headed straight to the local health food shop. The lady there was amazing (now a very good friend) she really knew how i felt and had so much advice and info i just wanted to talk to her all day. I left with some vitamins and some resources to check out, which i burred myself in for a few weeks of learning. A few weeks later i was back at the shop and the same lady recommended going to a seminar with her, it was all about connecting the dots and turning around our health.

I went along with an open mind and i was totally amazed at what i heard. Everything that was spoken about really started to connect the health issues my boy was having. It was at that point i realized his health issues had started when he was 3 months old and was hospitalized with RSV which is a respiratory condition. He was on oxygen for over a week and we thought we were going to loose him. It was one of the most stressful times of our lives. The lady who is now my mentor Louise recommended getting Live & dry blood analysis done to see what was going on inside his little body. So i booked an appointment and off we went. I was in absolute shock what i saw that day was like nothing i had ever seen in my life. He had thousands of parasites in his body and his white blood cells were so sluggish and they were struggling to collect all the parasites. His red blood cells were all stuck together like glue and they had no glow to them. He had overgrowth of candida in his gut and fibrosis on his bowel lining. You could see all the sugar from his food, panadol and nurofen on his gut lining and all the parasites were feeding on it, there were food proteins in his blood which should not be there. So he had leaky gut syndrome and basically his body was very sick and needed help immediately.

I left that appointment in overwhelm…. Where do i start? How can i fix this? How has this happened? Why my boy? Yes everything was going through my head like as if it would be better if it wasn’t us!!!! But that was horrible to think, i wouldn’t wish this on anyone. So I did what any mum would do i researched more, i got support from like minded people that had been in the same position and I learned everything i could about healing my boys body. The things i learned got me so angry, i could not believe that everything i was being told by doctors were making him worse. I was not impressed to learn what was in the food i was buying and what was being done to the food we were eating. So my mission as his mum was to find the best fresh food possible and then i had to find a way to get my 3 yr old to eat it….I knew that would be a struggle so i got online to find out how to get kids to greens and veggies. I learnt all about green smoothies and different ways to make veggies fun, raw foods and the power of plant foods.

I had another appointment with my Health Coach Louise and a lovely lady Called Eris who is a naturopath that approached health from a different view. Don’t focus on fixing symptoms focus on healing the gut health and the whole body will heal. This was a new concept to me but i had tried everything else so i was willing to give it a go for my boy. She recommended adding in real fresh organic food with an eating plan, good quality water, reducing screen time, reducing all toxic chemicals in our home and on our bodies,  getting a salt lamp, adding in a few basic supplements.

We started that week, no more packet foods, no more biscuits, pasta, rice, bread, milk or foods with sugar. I ditched all the products with toxic chemicals and i found products to replace them that were safe. The first week was hard as you can imagine detoxing a 3 yr old is not easy at all. But i knew as his  mum it was my responsibility to be strong if i wanted him to get better. So i took each day as it came, every time he wanted a biscuit i would offer him a carrot or cucumber, i would make green smoothies and call them Shrek juice. I would make a point of eating all the things i was offering him so he could see it was not bad. Sure enough he slowly started to try them and liked them. After two weeks i heard the toilet flush and looked around to see who had been in there and my little man came running out with this big grin and says “I didn’t need you today mummy, it didn’t hurt me!” I was so excited for him i ran over picked him up and hugged and kissed him saying how proud of him i was. Inside i was so happy that what i was doing was working, finally i was getting somewhere. I knew it was going to be a long process but that was enough evidence for me to continue what i was doing.

As the weeks passed things continued to improve, there was no more night temperatures or bad tummy aches, his behavior started to become less manic and he was able to focus on things for longer periods of time. He would go to the fridge and get a carrot stick or celery stick to snack on and always wanted a Shrek juice. Every time i made them i would put more greens in and less fruit to continue reducing the sugars in his diet. Sometimes it was hard to stick to these new foods, when we went out was the hardest. But slowly i worked out the how to order food without being a pain in the butt for the chef.

Within 6-12 months all his health issues had seemed to have gone. We went to his pediatrician for our yearly check up and he was amazed at how good he was. He took both my boys of their Asthma medication and told me to just keep a puffer in my bag for if they ever needed it. He asked what i was doing and noted it down, he was concerned that we were not having dairy but said while it was working to stick with it. I walked out of that appointment so proud of myself because even though everyone thought i was crazy for taking my kids and myself off things like dairy and carbs, I now knew that it was the right ting for all of us.

By addressing the underlying cause of poor health in my youngest child i had also helped to heal my other sons health and mine as well. You see i had started to feel better, was thinking clearer had more energy and lost weight. To this day i still use the basic supplements and we eat really well 80% of the time and we always drink water or green smoothies. We have get sick every now and then but i have not taken my children to a doctor for over 5 yrs now, just a yearly check up at our pediatrician. I use food and quality supplements to heal any colds, headaches, tummy aches, chest infections etc. I trust in my mummy intuition to do what is right for my family.

I was so inspired by my own journey with my children that i decided i wanted to help other families heal their health. So i am now a qualified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and i love seeing my families change their lives by fixing their health. If you want a Health Coaching session with me please book on the appointment page or call me for more info on 0421 952 485. If you live in another state or overseas not to worry we can do your coaching session via Skype.