One Step At A Time

One Step At A Time

I spent most of my life with symptoms of poor health. I had constant stomach aches in primary school, which continued into high school until they decided it was my appendix and took them out. I also suffered with psoriasis, migraines and allergies. Looking back now these were all little signs from my body that something was not right. But like most people suffering with one or all of these things, the doctors treated each symptom instead of trying to address the underlying cause.

It was not until I had a child of my own who had health issues, that I started to look at things differently. I kept digging for a reason as to why he was always sick. I truly believed that there had to be an underlying cause for his symptoms. With persistence and an open mind to alternative options, I went to a seminar where they talked about gut health.  Things started to make sense and I decided that healing the gut was going to be my focus.

When you start healing the gut it is important to know it is going to be a journey of change, learning and healing. You are going to have to make some immediate changes. However the real benefits are going to come from the gradual, small changes you make daily. These small changes will become your daily disciplines that will eventually just become good habits. Listening to your body is one of the best ways to know what is working for you and what is not.

Focus on adding in all the things that bring health through clean fresh foods, positive thoughts, relaxation, sunshine & water plus supplements to revive the cells and build good gut bacteria. When we focus on eliminating foods and things we enjoy, it feels to restrictive and most of us do not stick to it. However when we focus on adding in, we slowly crowd out things that do not serve us, then we no longer miss them.

The best advice I give is to take it one step at a time, make one small change each day that will make a big impact over time. If you start with a green smoothie daily and add in fresh foods made at home and quality exercise you will be on the right path. I’m happy to say that since making changes to my own lifestyle and my children’s we reversed all our health issues. Now we spend time in school inspiring other children to try fresh foods and green smoothies.

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In Good Health

Bree xxx