Supa School Smoothie

Supa School Smoothie

I am very passionate about getting children to enjoy fresh foods and I know that can be hard for many parents. However when I first started my healing my childrens health I came up with this amazing green smoothie recipe that they loved. As they got use to it I would reduce the amount of fruit graduallty and add in a different green food. Before I knew it they were drinking all sorts of amazing nutritious foods and I did not have to force them at all. 

I decided that if I could go to the schools and talk to classes abot green smoothies, fresh foods and the messages they have in the body just maybe I could get children to try a green smoothie. 

Amazingly it worked, I went into my sons class with the support of the teachers and spoke to the class about the ingredients in my smoothie, I got them connected with the messages and benefits that each ingredient had in the body and then I made a green smoothie in my Thermomix for them all to try. 

I made sure that they all knew it was important to try it and if they did not like it that was ok, but they could not say they didint like it if they didnt try it….

I have to say even I was surprised that it was a 96% percent approval rating in nearly every class I have spoken in. To this day I still have students come up and tell me they love my green smoothies and they drink them at home.

I’m often refrred to as the Green Smoothie Lady by many students. Please give this recipe a try with your children and share your pics with me on FB

This recipe is also great for school freezer bottles in summer, they are like a healthy slushie by lunchtime or an after school drink or especially great for after sports and training session to help the cells with recovery. 

1 Ripe Frozen Banana

1/4-1/2 Ripe Avocado

1/4 Green Apple

Handful Of Baby Spinach

(Green Qi) optional

1 Teaspoon Flax Oil

Fill Nutri-Bullet With Fresh Water To Max Line

Blend Until Smooth & Creamy


Bree xxx