What Do I Do As A Health Coach?

What Do I Do As A Health Coach?

This is a question I get asked a lot. The term Health Coach is relatively new to most people.  When I tell people that I am an Integrative Health & Nutrition Coach people look at me blankly, usually followed up by “what do you do?” At first I found it hard to put into words what exactly it is that I do. But as time has gone on I have become confident in my profession  and so communicating what I do has become easier.

I found that once I felt confident in how i explained my profession to people that they had questions about their own circumstances and if I could help them with it. Knowing what you can do to help people is one of the most important things. I use to live life wondering what I could do to make my life better and when things went wrong I wanted to blame someone else or play the victim and believe the world was against me. Only when  i started focusing on what made me feel good in life did my life start to feel good.

Looking back as a kid I liked to make people happy, being someone who is very intuitive I hated being in an environment of tension and stress. It comes from growing up in a very unbalanced home, Mum was a carer and peace maker and Dad was a Jeckle and Hyde person with a very nasty  aggressive streak.  So I would make jokes, be silly or try and fix the situation to make everything ok, and when I was around friends I just wanted them happy and smiling. As i got older I found that in every job i had I was able to connect with people so much that they would tell me very personal things. I felt good because they felt safe with me and I knew that for them it was good to get it out and talk about it.

I was always destined to help people on some level, and my first realization that i wanted to help people live better was with someone who was terminally ill. She was a client from my nail salon &  she was a lovely lady diagnosed with breast cancer.  As her treatments started to restrict her lifestyle she stopped coming to see me. Then her family rang and said that she had asked for me to do her nails in hospital. It was one of her last requests before she passed away. It was a very hard thing to do, but while i sat there doing her nails I knew i was helping her to feel as best she could. The next day she passed away and although I was sad I knew I had been there for her.

But my big turning point was when I turned the health of my youngest son around after years of getting no where with doctors. I turned to food as medicine approach and stopped focusing on the symptoms and started treating the underlying cause. When the changes started happening very quickly I knew there was something I had to share with other mums. I knew I was not the only mum struggling with children that were always sick and if I could help change that daily struggle for others then that was what I was going to do. And in that year of healing and learning from my precious boy I found my passion, my reason and my driving force. It has taken 6 years to get me to the point that I am doing it full time as a career and I love every minute of it.

For me as an Integrative Health & Nutrition Coach I know that sitting with people and giving them space to share their thoughts, feeling and emotions is a very powerful thing. It can totally change the way they feel, the way they look at things and even the course of their life. I have clients that have completely left their 9-5 jobs sold their houses and are living a life of purpose, health and happiness. All it takes is the space and confidence to see something better, and a good coach to help guide and support that journey.

So what do I do as a Integrative Health & Nutrition Coach?

I help people to find balance in their lifestyle and food choices to relieve stress and poor health. I believe in preventative health for a happy life and I give the space and confidence to want something better.  I help support and guide people to making small changes that have big impacts.

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In Good Health

Bree xxx