What I Have Learned On My Health Journey

What I Have Learned On My Health Journey

When I first started my health journey I was totally shocked by what was being done to our food. I knew it was something that everyone should know but every time I spoke to someone about what I had learned they did not believe me. “Why would they do that to our food?” or “As if they would be aloud to put that in there!” or my fav “If it is making us sick they would tell us!” It was hard to deal with when i knew that I was not the only person who could see what was happening to our health as a community.  I had seen the changes in our own health since making changes and i knew that everyone would benefit from doing the same thing. But i quickly learned that the culture around food in the community had become centered around cheap, processed, sweet garbage for convenience. Food was no longer valued for its health benefits or it power to heal. We had lost the traditional concept to appreciate the hard work that went into putting food on the table, it was now so easily accessible it comes in a packet that could be put in the microwave and eaten immediately. So what did i find out that got me so concerned?

Firstly i focused on food, so to detox from the food that was creating our poor health i needed to know what was wrong with the food we were consuming. Especially because i thought i was pretty healthy, i had stuck to what i learned at school and ate mostly grains and carbs, meat & dairy and some veg and fruit and we completely avoided fats. This is what i found, the food pyramid is out of wack!!!

Yes we need carbs but not from genetically modified grains that are highly sprayed with toxic chemicals like glyphosate (roundup). The more i researched this product the more distressed i became. There is so much evidence to prove that this product is toxic to humans. The farmers that spray their crops with it must wear full hazmat suits and gas masks, also the tractors that spray massive crops have full ventilation systems in the cabs plus the operator must wear a hazmat suit and gas mask…. So straight up that sounds like it is not safe. All processed foods are contaminated with this harmful product. They are  now finding this chemical along with many others in the cord blood of newborn babies. So to eliminate this harmful chemical from out diet I changed to organic or spray free fresh fruit and veg. All the carbs we need is in our fresh veggies and they are complex carbs not just empty carbs that turn to sugar in the gut. We also dropped dairy due to the lack of nutrients in it. It is quite inflammatory and for asthmatics and it produces mucus causing respiratory issues. I also learnt about the way the cows are treated and felt that ethically it is not what i want to be spending my money on. The cows are feed lots of antibiotics because they are unhealthy and so we are consuming antibiotics through their milk. We also cut out gluten due to it also being inflammatory but it also acts like morphine on the brain and is addictive. Once i researched it and realized that we do not require it for good health i decided that it could go. Our bodies can not digest it properly and it causes lots of problems in the gut and bowel. The last big ingredient that we got rid of was refined SUGAR!!! Yes it is not a health food and we are consuming far to much of it as a society. It can be attributed to inflammatory disease along with many other health conditions, such as fatty liver disease, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. It causes acidity in the body, it lights up the same part of the brain that cocaine does and it is very addictive. If you want to know more about sugar there is a great documentary called “That Sugar Film” I recommend everyone watch it. So what did i do?  I started shopping at local farmers markets and i started asking the farmers questions about their food practices. I learnt about the dirty dozen and the clean fifteen list, dirty dozen being the foods that you should only buy organic due to the high amounts of toxic chemical residue and the clean fifteen being conventional foods that test low for chemical residue. This was key to making sure i was keeping my shopping on budget while still reducing the chemical overload. I started changing recipes and swapping the ingredients i did not want for safer alternatives. I learnt about making healthier treats and snacks for lunch boxes and I involved my children in the kitchen, I made food fun and yummy. I went to the kids school and made green smoothies for their class and taught them about better food choices. Not just so my kids were not made fun of, but also so i could inspire other parents and children to try something new.

So I completely got rid of the bottom of the pyramid and made veggies & small amount of fruit the biggest part of our diet. I increased our healthy fats, with nuts, seeds, avocado, oily fish, olive oil & coconut oil. I learnt that there is a difference between fats and fats. You have bad fats like deep fried foods, margarine and poor quality meat with fat on. Then there is foods like nuts, seeds, avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, oily fish, quality grass fed & organic meats, flax oil, hemp oil, and homemade bone broth. These are full of good omegas and nutrients that our bodies require.

Secondly I removed all products in our home that were full of toxic chemicals. I had spent many hours researching the ingredients on the products i was using and I found that a lot of them were not even tested for long term use and a lot were banned for use in other countries. A lot of these products can harm our immune system, nervous system, respiratory system and reproductive system, and they also have the potential to cause organ damage among many other health issues. This was quite disturbing to me as a lot of these products i was using on my children without knowing what was in them. I spent so much time in the shopping isles reading ingredients lists trying to find products that would be safe to use. I tried lots of different ones but they all turned out to have questionable ingredients. I finally found a company with high standards that was transparent and had years of experience in creating safe non toxic products. Slowly I changed over all my products to safe ones, this included, all my cleaning products, personal care, skincare and makeup. By reducing the toxic burden our bodies had a chance to cleanse and detox. One a side note I personally believe that this is one of the most important things you can do for your families health. If you have children with Asthma like myself, or eczema, insomnia, behavior problems, tummy issues, constant ear infections, constantly sick, seizures,  Autisim, ASD etc, getting rid of all synthetic air fresheners, insect sprays, hair sprays, washing powders, fabric softener, perfumes, body sprays and dish washing liquids should be the first thing you do. These products are loaded with toxic chemicals and fragrance which is so harmful for us to breathe in or absorb through our skin. Take perfume and body spray for example, women and young girls spray their neck area with it every day. So they breathe it in but it is also absorbed straight into the thyroid area. This can cause all sorts of hormone issues with the thyroid and respiratory issues that damage to the lungs and they also effect the nervous system creating things like panic attacks, anxiety and depression. So please check your products and if in doubt chuck it out…. check out  www.chemicalmaze.com if you want to know more about chemicals in  your products and download the app.

Thirdly i added in safe non toxic high strength supplements to help support our bodies normal functions. I learnt that our bodies are made up of trillions of cells and our cells require minerals to repair and function optimally. Our bodies do not make minerals, so we need to get it from our foods. Sadly our soil is so mineral deficient that our fresh food no longer has enough minerals to support our cell function. So making sure we were getting quality minerals in a supplement was very important. I also included a probiotic to help build up the good bacteria in our gut. You see 80% of our immune system is in our gut and by taking just one course of antibiotics it was wiping out our good bacteria. I found out that it takes at least 1 year for your gut to heal after just one course of antibiotics, and we had all had plenty of them… So to recover the gut we had to reduce all the inflammatory foods and medication and add in all the healing bacteria, we took probiotics, drank kombutcha and  started eating fermented foods. By doing this we also reduced tantrums, mood swings, sleepless nights and illness. For me personally my brain fog cleared and i did not feel tired all the time, it was like someone had lifted the blurry glasses and everything started to come into focus. I also included a quality multi for myself and a children’s multi for the boys. Taking a multi is so important to help the body with the mineral uptake. Vitamins and minerals work together so you should not have one without the other, and by taking them you help to keep your energy, stamina, and muscle recovery working at good levels.

By making these three changes i turned our health around, my boys are both off their asthma medication, we no longer spend loads of money on medication for illness, there is no more temperatures at night, tummy aches after meals or at the end of the day, no more out of control behavior, no more sleepless nights, no more mood swings. The best part is we are all healthy, happy full of good energy and we all GLOW. I also found my true passion in life was to help others and so i studied to become a Integrative Nutrition Health Coach with the Institute Of Integrative Nutrition and now i get to spend my days inspiring and helping other families to make small changes that have a big impact on their health. I know what works for one will not work for everyone, so i encourage you to do what works for you on your journey.

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